The Homeless

In the darkest nights no one wants to be left on the streets. Join The Shelter

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The Rise of The Homeles

After many years in the shadows, Haven made his call. He is no longer homeless and became full of hope and promise. are you ready to follow his steps and fight for The Homeless?.

The artwork has been hand-drawn and composited by Haven in the traditional cartoon style.

High Quality NFT Collection

Our Collection has began with the aim to build a shelter from the market volatility and rugged projects on Solana ecosystem by sharing with our DAO the knowledge we collected in the last 5 years.

We also allocate a part of our NFT sales for those who at this very moment, need such simple things as clothing, food, and lodging.

Why Choose Us?

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    Access to our DAO

    Exclusive access to our Alpha channels which will be a gold mine to help you find your path in the space.

  • 02

    High Quality

    The Homeless collection includes dozens of rare heads, costumes, and colorways of the artist's palette. They are drawn with great care.

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    Staking for $BROKE to enter daily & weekly raffles for HUGE giveaways TBA soon. you can also buy The Homeless merchandise or exchnage $BROKE for USD

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    Volunteer Opportunities

    Be part of a community of The Homeless means a chance to travel for volunteer works and helping homeless across the world.

Our Latest Drops

The Homeless’s Roadmap

  • Phase one

    From Mars to April 2022

    ✓ Ideation of The Homeless; its utility,vision, targets and purpose ✓ Ideation of the art,art style,traits system and items ✓ Scout for an artist ✓ Frequent improvements on the art ✓ Meetings with token developers for some backend work ideas ✓ Preliminary study of tokenomics


  • Phase Two

    From April to May 2022

    ✓ Implementation of the art and traits ✓ Design of the website and its assets ✓ Row Production of the roadmaps ✓ Consultations with social media manager


  • Phase Three

    From May to June 2022

    ✓ Development of website ✓ Build $BROKEand $BROKE Tokenomics ✓ Finalized Whitepaper v1.0 ✓ Partnerships


  • Phase Four

    From June to August

    X Website V2.0 X Release The Homeless NFT collection X Launch on Launchpad X Commence the development of Staking System X Installation of necessary discord bots, agreements with corporation X Commence the development of $BROKE X Release $BROKE X Launch NFT stake pools to generate $BROKE (hold-to-earn) X Release of The Homeless Raffle Shop X Release of Staking V1.0 X Lock an $BROKE-$SOL liquidity


  • Phase Five

    From August to September

    X Allow trading of $BROKE tokens X Enable staking $BROKE for more $BROKE X Collaborate with a variety of NFT and DeFi projects X Release of The Homeless Casino


  • Phase Six

    From September to October

    X Launch $BROKE-$SOL liquidity pools X Further development of $BROKE X Mobile integrations X The Homeless merch store X Auctions X Female Homeless sale with $BROKE token X Bonus +1 Casino Game


  • Phase Seven

    From October to November

    Release of Roadmap V2.0.